EPSON EH-TW9200 Projectors

For those still sold on watching Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and Avatar in 3D, the Epson EH-TW9200 is one of the best for delivering a truly immersive experience. The LCD projector’s key features are headed up by a claimed dynamic contrast ratio of 600,000:1, a colour light output of 2400 Lumens and comes with two pairs of active shutter glasses.<br /> <br /> In eco lamp mode the projector serves up an outstanding black level performance by LCD standards. Detail reproduction is excellent, edges are crisp and clean, and colours are rendered with impressively smooth, fine blends that help the picture look more solid and involving. 3D images look intense and it's impressively judder-free making it ideal for gamers as well.

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The 12V output can be used for firing up a motorised screen, a curtaining arrangement or even an external anamorphic lens system. While this ability to work with anamorphic lenses is welcome, though, we can’t help but reflect on the usefulness of the ‘lens memory’ features sported by some rivals at the TW9200’s level of the market – most notably the JVC X35. Lens memory features let you set different zoom and focus settings for the built-in lens to suit different aspect ratios, providing a neat solution to one of home cinema’s trickiest problems for cinephiles who’ve got a ‘Cinemascope’ 21:9 projector screen.
Not that the TW9200 could have included a Lens Memory feature even if it had wanted to, mind you, since it doesn’t have a motorised lens and focus system.

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