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Homa Street Light

Golnoor Homa Street Light

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Name of Product Homa Street Light
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Product Description

HOMA is an efficient street light, designed for high powers up to 600 W. The electrical and optical parts are separated physically in HOMA and it has high level of ingress protection (IP) in both parts. External bracket holder with dual mounting positions (0-90 degrees) makes it easy to install. It is easy to access all the electrical components and lamp through upward door of electrical part. In addition, modular control gear causes convenience in maintenance. HOMA is the best option for wide roadways because of its special light distribution to the forward. Suitable light distribution Given the special design of the holder of the lamp holder, the lamp can move up and down in the light chamber. As a result, regarding the reflector size, one can obtain suitable light distributions in different positions. Of other advantages of this luminaire, one can mention its forward light distribution, so there is no need to increase the installation angle, because this reflector leads the light forward with a high angle. Quick and easy of access to components and repairing them Electrical component sheet is easily detachable, loosening only one screw and by the use of handles at both sides of the sheet. When opening the electrical door, the pressure exposed to socket holder is removed and so, lamp components are replaceable easily. Its pipe holder can hold a pipe with outer diameter of 48 mm and 60 mm. The luminaire can be easily installed on the pole using two screws, without opening the door. Features - Possibility of using automatic current disconnector by opening the door - Modular control gear for easy maintenance - Easy lamp replacement - Possibility of different lamp positions to achieve best light distribution - High level of IP - Dual mounting system for side/top brackets - Separated Electrical and Optical parts for better heat transference - External bracket holder for easy installation - Toughened clear glass for less light pollution and more safety
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