French companies to partake in IRAN PLAST expo

2017-09-11 16:02:06 | Posted By Shahram Jenab

French companies to partake in IRAN PLAST expo

French companies will for the first time attend IRAN PLAST exhibition in Tehran which will be held from September 24 to 27.

The IRAN PLAST exhibition offers an excellent opportunity to meet key players in Iran's plastics processing sector; this is why a France pavilion is being organized at the expo for the first time by Business France, the national agency supporting the internationalization of the French economy in partnership with UCAPLAST (Union des syndicats des PME du caoutchouc et de la plasturgie), according to an email sent to Iran Daily.

Iran, thanks to its petrochemicals industry, has the advantage of low cost access to raw materials to develop the plastics processing industry. The availability of significant amounts of raw materials and polymerized products is the keystone of this sector, within which National Petrochemical Company (NPC) plays a prominent role.

Despite a slowdown in industrial production over the last two years, the agri-foodstuffs and automotive industries plus those of the construction sector are expected to continue to drive demand, which is estimated to be, on average, 18 kg per inhabitant per year in Iran.

This growth is particularly strong in the area of food packaging and PET bottling. Current needs of Iranian companies are above all in technical, industrial and financial partnerships in the automotive sector (60 percent), agro-foodstuffs packaging (25 percent) and other industries (15 percent).

These are all good reasons why French companies should take advantage of the opening up of the country to offer innovative know-how and products, and to meet, swap ideas and negotiate with future Iranian partners or clients.

French plastics processing is a growth sector. Sales (€29.7 billion in 2016) grew three times faster on average than those for manufacturing as a whole. It concerns over 100 sectors that produce or use plastic. France's position as a major global plastics market is stable, being ranked 6th in terms of sales.

French plastics processing industry is characterized amongst other things by its dynamic investment in R&D — plastics specialists have been reinvesting in innovation since 2014 and the creation of the CTI (Centre Technique Industriel) is contributing to R&D efforts in the sector.

Internationally, French plastics processing saw a sharp upswing in 2015 and 2016, with growth rates of +5 percent and +6.5 percent respectively. Most of this growth came from the EU, but performance was also strong in Africa and Asia.