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In the exchange that followed, Mr. Milon disputed HardOCP's findings. He cited that HardOCP had come forward and publicized incorrect claims with questionable objectivity with regards to which piece of hardware was the true cause of the instability. Reeves stated that both he and HardOCP had initially assumed that the problem lay with the motherboard but upon further analysis discovered that the video card was at fault. Falcon Northwest's quality assurance testing included 14 hours of looping the 3D graphics benchmark in an 85 °F (29 °C) room. Upon receipt of the returned system, it could no longer complete that test without crashing. Falcon Northwest offered to repair the system and send it back to HardOCP for testing, but the magazine refused this solution, stating that it could interfere with the anonymous testing process.

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Name of Your Stores : Computers and Electronics Point Ltd.
Main Products : Computers and Electronics
Latest Computers
Various Electric Products
Computers and Electronics All Product
Category of Company : 1
Year of Establishment : 2000
Delivery Terms : CFR
Accepted Currencies : USD
Accept Escrow Service : No
Method of Payment : TT
Language & Communication : English
Export Percentage :
Company Certification : HACCP

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